Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Squeek in the Dark!

As a returning Warhammer Fantasy player (I last played over 15 years ago) I have decided it is time I once again command the vast skittering armies of the Under Empire.

My original army from all those years ago was Skaven and I never lost my love for their devious and underhanded tactics and unpredictable war machines. Unfortunately my old miniatures were lost to the taint of Chaos (or have been thrown out by my parents!) so I am starting again from scratch. The good news is the amount of amazing quality plastic and resin minis now available from Games Workshop and I am very keen to build them all, even if my bank account isn't!

I have started my force by picking up the Island of Blood boxed set which has some frankly fantastic plastics. I supplemented this with a battalion boxed set and a box of Stormvermin and couldn't resist getting myself a plastic Doom Wheel and a Hell Pit Abomination as a christmas present. This gives me a sizable force of over 2000 points and over 140 models!

I have managed to build everything except the Stormvermin in a flurry of activity over christmas and will be using this blog to document the slow painting of this huge force (I am a very slow painter!) and my attempts to guide them to victory while learning 8th edition Fantasy.

I currently have one practice game of Fantasy under my belt which I enjoyed immensely but am a long way from knowing what I'm doing. I'm also very much from the 'beer and pretzels' school of gaming rather than the tournament scene (though I'm keep to get along to a tourney once I know the game better if just to meet some other players). If you're a casual player or new to Skaven like I am you may find some helpful hints and tips in here, otherwise you may just find my weak efforts at building an army and trying to win hilarious and laughable. Either way I hope you stay and enjoy the ride!


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